June, 2013

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The F88 Austeyr. What do you think of this weapon.

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Well I may of opened up a can of worms with this one but hay this is what this sight is all about discussing what we no. Well I am qualified in the F88 Austeyr and I was teaching it whilst at HMAS Cerberus the training school for the Royal Australian Navy. These are my thoughts of this weapon so leave a reply and give us your thoughts.

I first started using this weapon in 1998, I remember looking at it thinking it is plastic. After being a Naval cadet and using the L1A1 Self Loading Rifle (SLR) for drill purposes I remember thinking to myself it looks like a toy from target. Anyway learning the groups and parts, stripping and assembling drills and stripping and assembling again and again and again I finally got my first chance to fire it. Surprisingly enough for me it had no kick back, of course it does but it did not affect my shot, I had no trouble hitting the target at 100,200 and 300 meters. One thing I did notice it was surprisingly loud. One thing I do like about this weapon is it has the capability to be fired in singe shot as well as automatic, but the barrel does get hot, this I know from experience during a controlled expenditure of ammunition. It is a very light  gun only weighing around 3.6 kilos if I remember correctly it was a heck of a lot lighter than the old SLR and being a instructor teaching the SLR and F88 I found a lot of our female sailors and some males had a lot less trouble firing the F88 over the SLR. The F88 has a great rate of fire 680-850 rounds per minute what is really good whilst out on the battle field I am sure.  I do however love it when someone sticks there eye to close to the scope and on firing clock themselves in the eye giving them steyer eye. I have never done this to myself, well I am never going to admit to it anyway hehehe. Another plus side for the F88 it can accept various aiming devices that mount on to the picatinny rail and it can be fitted with a Bayonet, a 40mm Grenade launcher and blank firing barrel. We could also use the weapon in the navy firing our Line throwing projectile when we did ship to ship replenishments whilst under way. Cleaning seemed a lot easier with the F88, when covered in Salt for us in the navy etc it was not hard to clean at all. It did not rust except I did notice in the triggermech group the little springs would discolour with rust over a long period of use as well as the muzzle flash suppressor.

For a Gun that looks like a big water pistol hehe I think the F88 is a good weapon than can be used in a variety of ways, and is user friendly.


Ok guys and girls what are your thoughts. Leave a reply

Supermarine Spitfire V’s Messerschmitt

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Here is one to get people talking. The 2 mighty aircraft from WWII. The British Supermarine Spitfire Vs the German Messerschmitt.

These are my views on the Super-marine Spit fire, next Blog will be on the German Messerschmitt. Leave a reply and let us no your thoughts on the Spitty.

So the Super-marine Spitfire. A short range interceptor aircraft that was to replace the Hawker Hurricane and hit the airfields in 1938 -19 Squadron at RAF Duxford UK. The spit fire was designed to have a elliptical wing what allowed it to get to a higher top speed than several of its contemporary fighters this included the Hawker Hurricane. I remember reading that in the early development of the Spitfire the Merlin Engine was used, and even though a good engine it was carburettor fed versus the Griffon Fuel injection engine what replaced the Merlin around 1942. I remember reading that lowering the Spitfire nose whilst in dog fight with the Merlin engine it would starve the engine due to the negative G’s on the aircraft and allowed the Messerscmitt to escape where the Griffon engine being fuel injected stopped this from happening. If anyone has some knowledge on this can you leave a reply and give us some info?

OK so the spit fire originally was only fitted with 4 –  .303inch Browning machine guns as the machine guns during the war had been hard to get a hold of. Later down the tack the other 4 got fitted and of course they soon upgraded to the Hispano Drum fed machine Guns. Horrible Guns I think. Especially when being such a larger gun and you have to lay it on its side so you can fit a bigger ammunition drum in as well. Any way as you can see I have never been a big fan of them anyway back to the start, It makes me laugh that originally the designers thought that they could just use exactly the same machine gun the soldiers had been using on the ground and thought that they would work the same in the air. They were wrong. Yes during testing phase the Browning’s worked fine on the ground and at low altitude but they tended to freeze at higher altitude especially the outer guns. The reasons for this was the Browning’s had been modified to fire from an open bolt. This was done to prevent the overheating of the cordite used in the British ammunition. The open bolt allowed cold air to flow strait through the barrel unhindered and froze the gun. This issue was no fixed until 1938 when Super-marine added hot air ducts from the rear of the wing mounted radiators to the guns and the bulkheads around the gun-bays to trap the hot air in the wing. A simple but very effective fix I think.

The spitfire with her fast speed and her great manoeuvre ability was a key to the success for Brittan however after doing some research I have found that the Hawker Hurricane took out more off the Luftwaffe than the spitfire. I think that the ratio of spitfire to Luftwaffe fatalities was a lot less in the spitfire than the Hurricane. I also think that the spitfire came in to action when the UK needed something big to believe in as moral was getting lower as less soldiers, Airman and Sailors were coming home. Especially when the bombs started to full on England. This Aircraft could take off from such a small airfield climb to the height of the German bombers and take them out and be home for supper. I think for the public it was a feeling of safety knowing that this aircraft could stop the Germans from crossing the English channel by aircraft and that is one of the reasons the public love them so much.

In summary a great aircraft. Fast, Manoeuvrable, Weapons and most of all pilots. A Aircraft cannot fly its self you no. A Aircraft that was put in to production just in the nick of time for the British empire what entailed helped them not  to lose the Air war of WWII.

If you have some comments please click reply.

Aussie Troops Resuce Afghanistan security Forces

Our Aussies troops rescued three Afghanistan security Forces from Raging flood Waters in Afghanistan. The Troops from 7RAR used there Bushmaster Vehicle to Assist the stranded Afghanistan Security Force personnel. The rescue was conducted in the nick of time as the security forces 4WD washed away just after the last person was saved. Well Done 7RAR.


Australian NAVY Launches first and second Hull of there NEW Amphibious ships in Spain

The Australian Navy has Launched both of the 2 new Amphibious Ships Hulls in Spain. The first one was launched in the mid of 2011. The following two links are You Tube videos that capture the launches. Fantastic Stuff.








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Surveillance in the Bush


I read a great article in the Army online news on page 30. It is called Surveillance in the Bush.

22 Soldiers from across Arnhem Land concentrated in Nhulunbuy Australia to revise there skills before conducting Operation Resolute what is due to commence in July.. For those who don’t no, Arnhem Squadron is a squadron that attacks a divers number of soldiers from many different backgrounds. As it stated in the article “80% of the soldiers in Arnhem Squadron are fluent in multiple languages”

Australia’s Arnhem Squadron are specialist in conducting surveillance across the literal environment, and NORFORCE supply training and part time employment to indigenous communities throughout Arnhem land.

The professionalism of these soldiers and training they have received shows that they are able to conduct clandestine surveillance for extended periods of time using a variety of insertion methods.

I think this is such a great article. Our indigenous Australians are a big key element to our Australian Defence Force. It is great to see the boys out having fun but also learning some great leadership qualities, Planning skills, Surveillance skills and physical fitness.

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