December, 2014

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A Post from a Talking Military Member Alex – An Overview of the US Military

Hi TM Readers,

One of our Talking Military subscribers asked if he could put on Talking Military a blog about the US Military. I of course said yes so team here is a Blog by Alex from New York.

Hi Talking Military, my name is Alex and i was a member of the United States Army from 1999 – 2004. I have been following Talking Military since Jan 2014 and really do enjoy it. I thought i would ask the founder if i could place a post on and to my surprise he said yes. So my post is a simple Overview of the US Military.

The US military was established by the Second Continental Congress for the purpose of defending the new state against the British Empire at the height of the American Revolution. In 1775, in the light of the Declaration of Independence a year later, the Army, Marine Corps, and Navy were commissioned.

Originally integrated with the Revenue Cutter Service, the US Coast Guard was established in 1790. Later on the United States Life Saving Service joined forces with the Revenue Cutter Service to comprise the Coast Guard. At present, it is under the wings of the Department of Homeland Security. In case of war, however, the Coast Guard can be transferred to the command of the Navy by the President or Congress. The Air Force used to be integrated with the Army as the US Army Air Corps until it became independent in 1947.

Since its establishment, the US Armed Forces had played a key role in American history. A matter of national unity and identity was agreed upon from the Barbary Wars and War of 1812. However, the Founding Fathers aroused suspicions on the establishment of a permanent military force. It was only until the onset of the Second World War that an official peacetime army was created.

The President of the United States acts as the commander-in-chief. The Department of Defense, headed by a Secretary, functioned as the main organ for implementing military policies. With the September 11 attacks, the Department of Homeland Security was established. The function of this new civilian agency was to coordinate and consolidate internal threats to the United States.

Comprising of nearly 3 million personnel, half of which are reservists, the US Armed Forces is considered as one of the biggest militaries in the world in terms of manpower. Most of its personnel were derived from volunteer service and works to maintain professionalism in the force. With annual expenditures amounting to $711 billion, it comprises 50 percent of military spending in the world. It boasts of having huge amount of advanced and powerful weapons, giving them considerable capability in projecting defense and power.

The National Security Council, headed by an advisor, is tasked with coordinating military action and diplomacy. Holding an advisory position is the Joint Chiefs of Staff, consisting of the different heads of the service branches.

As of 2008, women service members are not allowed to volunteer as members of ground forces and on submarines. They can, however, perform duties as military police, fighter pilots, and crew on combat ships.

With the enactment of the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” Law, members of the GLB (gays, lesbians, bisexuals) can join the military as long as they keep their sexual orientation secret. The government is likewise prohibited from asking members of the military and possible recruits regarding their sexual orientation. Its implementation in 1993 led to the dismissal of thousands of service members when their sexual orientation was revealed to the military.

From the 1990s to the 2000s, the implementation of the two policies was subjected to high-profile controversies. Proponents of military necessity and special requirements of combat as well as critics denying military necessity and considering the policies as unjustified discrimination.

As of 2008, US service members were deployed in over 820 installations in 39 countries. At 142,000 personnel, the Iraq contingent is the largest. However, the number of personnel may regularly change due to continuous recall and deployment. Within the United States, more than 1 million members of the US military are on active duty with more than 800,000 stationed in different military bases in Continental United States.

Thanks Talking Military readers and a big thank you to Jenko for allowing me to write a blog on the web site. Alex.

Alex a great post well done. So TM readers if you have a blog or something you would like to add to our posts you are more than welcome. Please subscribe first to Talking Military and email us with the blog and we will just prof read before publishing.

Thanks again Alex and thank you TM readers




Military Fashion / The Uniforms We Wear

Hi Tm readers,

I was going through some old boxes today and as i was going over them i found a old box labelled Navy Clothes. KEEP.. ha i thought i kept them so i started to go through them and it brought back some really cool memories. So let’s talk about our crazy uniforms in the blog what i have called Military Fashion / The uniforms we wear.

So the military uniform signifies solidarity within a group of people. Organizations and institutions normally encourage their members to wear garments having the same design in order to distinguish themselves from others. The military holds the same ideals. They fashion out into all sorts of uniform in order to show distinction and coordination. The military has come a long way since the old times when dresses and armours are the usual kind of clothing.

Presently, the military have adapted a brand of uniforms that are suitable for real-life action and combat under certain types of modern condition and environment. Brushing actual combat aside, military ceremonies and formal occasions showcase brightly-colored garments for band members and officers in attendance. During this time, members of elite and high-ranking units stand out by having distinctive features placed on their uniforms.

Even though the trend on military uniform production has tipped on the utilitarian side, most forces are still continuing to develop and create uniform designs of various types. These include ordinary duty uniforms, working garments, and dresses for ceremonial affairs. More and more members of the military have been used to wearing their uniforms even when off duty. Most are seen walking with their peers and enjoy the recognition they get as part of the military.

The military does not only set standards for uniform designs just for the sake of doing so. Each act and provision in the military has its purpose. There are four purposes on why the military has uniforms. First on the list is to differentiate and distinguish persons who are directly part of the hostilities. These combatants are mantled by the laws of war.

There are other persons who tend to carry firearms that do not have the same degree of protection. An old school purpose of these uniforms is for the so-called deserters to have a harder time modifying their military clothing in order to prevent being located and persecuted. The military in some sense dress to impress. Units having desirable and appealing uniforms have a higher rate of recruitment.

Young men are attracted to the fact that they are easily noticed when wearing uniforms that are well-designed. Moving on, traditional uniforms come in bright colours in order to have better recognition of troops on the battlefield but now on the emergence of more precise and long-range firearms and rifles these old school brightly coloured military outfits make the units and troops a very comfortable target.

Eventually the purpose of camouflaging was given more emphasis. There was a change in uniform colours that saw the birth of khaki coloured uniforms. More so, the uniforms were designed so that they will blend nicely with the environment, say for instance terrains and forestry. Climate and area conditions were also taken into consideration as white and tan colours came into being. Logistics also plays a large role on the development of military uniforms.

Mass production resulted into a faster and more precise manner of giving military troops their own brand of clothing which came into standardized patterns and sizes. War was not only on the physical setting. Intimidation and mind games are essential tools in order to weaken the enemies’ morale thus the appearance and clothing of the troops underwent tremendous innovation.

Clothing is an essential part of living. It keeps us protected from the ever shifting blows of nature. It also gives us a personality that paves the way for uniqueness. Why not go further and use military fashion on a casual yet tasty manner.

hahaha. So TM readers what are your thoughts. Do you still have a old uniform sitting in a box?

Leave us a comment


The Military BRAT

Hi TM Readers, i wanted to write a little something about our military kids or should i say the Miitary Brats as they are also called at times hahaha. You know there is a saying that the fruit does not fall far from the tree.

Usually children grow having the image of what their parents were like. In this manner, the lifestyle and behavior they have witnessed is commonly adapted during their adult life. This is how huge parents can affect the lives of their children. The profession of the parents is one of the common indicators on how much is spent with their child. In line with this matter, there is a concept developed with children whose parent or both parents work as regular employees in the military. These children have come to be tagged as military brats.

Although the term brat does not really give a positive notion, military brats are different. Let’s dig deeper and have a look. Basically, these children grow up while facing different life scenarios such as high risk of parental loss due to war, the presence of a military-oriented family, a strict rule of authority, dominance of patriarchal decision-making, absence of a parent in school activities, and frequent moving in various destinations. Being able to live under military culture can provide advantages to the growing individual. As an adult, military brats can show indications of their nomadic way of life.

Since they move a lot in a frequent manner, they are able to reach places and be accustomed with different cultures as compared to other growing children living in a regular environment. The depth of experience they have during childhood and puberty is unmatched. The problem that may then arise is that since transition from one place or people to another is so fast, these military brats tend to have a hard time building relationships with people and places that really lasts.

They have the propensity to isolate themselves away from the usual civilized way of life. At times the result can be devastating psychological developmental disorders. But it’s good to note that most cases end up having the capacity to adapt and assimilate themselves into the normal way of life in a community.

Growing up in a life and family that revolves around the military is no walk in the park nevertheless it really offers a lot more in the experience area as compared to living with a more geographically stable group. Military brats are described as independent extroverts. They are more outgoing as compared to their contemporaries and can readily deal with any change that may come their way.

They have an easier time relating with other people even though differences in religion, nationality, race, and ethnicity is present. This is due mainly to the frequency of travel from different destinations. When it comes to performance, military brats can brag about what they can produce.

They have higher IQ levels, achievement scores, and higher percentage of making it into college as opposed to their civilian counterparts. There are mixed research outcomes when it comes to abuse and alcoholism in families that revolve around the military. But the bottom line is family’s having members in the military acquire more benefits than that of civilian families with low incomes. Military families have health care programs as well as housing and family support benefits.

Even though they may be tagged with the word brat, these military brats have had a long ride. Eventually this long ride will end with good fortunate route to a life full of values and success.

So agree or disagree. If you once were a military brat leave us a comment and tell us what it was like for you.



Discharging from the ADF ???

Hi TM readers,

I received a email from one of our TM newsletter subscribers requesting if i could put some information out on discharging. Obviously things are a little different these days to when i discharged so i did some digging and i contacted a couple of my old mates who are still serving. This is what i found.

This link will take you to the Member’s Guide to ADF Pay and Conditions of Service:


This link will take you to a great list of things like Travel, Clothing, Joining and leaving the ADF, Compensation, Super, salaries etc. This guide was published in 2006 but i have been told this is still a up to date copy however i can not guarantee this to be true. So please get in contact with your pay clerks/writers for further information, or contact your divisional Officer. I have been informed that travel has or is going to change.

On discussion with my current serving friends i found that you have a right to access you medical records under the freedom of information act.

How to Obtain Service & Medical Records

In an effort to streamline the process of acquiring documents to support claims for compensation through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, you can apply for copies of your Service or medical records on the internet through the Department of Defence website.

If you are a former member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and you wish to have access to your Service or medical records, or if you are an advocate of an ExService Organisation assisting with a claim, you can apply for these records through the Ex-Serving Member Service / Medical Records Freedom of Information  website of the Department of Defence.

Older records

Army medical records for people discharged prior to 1947 and Air Force medical records for people discharged prior to 1952 are held by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)therefore, if your request falls within this period, please contact DVA.

If you are requesting service records of an Australian member who served during World War I and World War II it is recommended that you contact the National Archives of Australia (NAA) in the first instance.

If you have any issues you can contact the RSL National  or any RSL in your area. The members have a wealth of knowledge in regards to Vet affairs and are always willing to give you a hand.

I hope this helps you Tim and to the rest of our readers.

If you have any questions that you would like us at Talking Military to look in to for you please sign up to our newsletter or email us at






Merry Xmas Talking Military

To all Talking Military readersimages

The Talking Military team would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas. We hope that you stay safe during this festive season and enjoy your time with your family and friends.

As another Christmas has arrived please give a wish to the serving members who are currently on duty or overseas and can not be with there families during this time.


I have been in this position and i know how tough it is for the defence member who is away as well as the family left at home.

God bless to all and Merry christmas from the Talking Military team.


Security training Packages for discharging or Discharged Defence personel

Hi TM readers,
I have been requested to post a survey to everyone on behalf of a ex defence member who is looking at starting there own Security training company.
They have requested that i send out there small survey for completion so they can collaborate the results and move forward in developing the requested training packages.
So as he is ex defence and it will help both the discharging and discharged personnel i have said yes, so here is a little about the founder and what his plan of attack is.
Hi my name is Matthew and as a trainer and assessor for the past 8 years and having over 17 years of security experience as a security subject matter expert, it has brought my attention to how difficult it is for future security officers to get a foot in the door of the security industry, especially after just leaving the defence force.
The training packages are actually getting more and more complex and can only be delivered at a great expense by approved registered training organisation (RTO) The training packages are getting harder to complete and when you have completed the certificate there is no guidance or further training to help you get on your way.
My plan is to offer basic information packages to people that can support their goals towards achieving a qualification in security and give some insight to whether this is the right pathway for them before they commit to spending there hard earned cash on a certificate they will never need.
I wish to also design refresh and knowledge training packages so qualified security officers/guards are kept up to date with the security Industry and its training.So if you could complete my small survey that will only take 2-3 minutes, it will truly point me in the right direction in to what people want in a package for people in the security industry.


So team click on the Survey picture and it will take you to Matthews Survey. This will help Matthew and his team build more informative and more productive packages.


take the survey

Thanks team


Success For Soldiers Release of Operation Financial Freedom

Hi TM Readers,

I have just received news that Success For Soldiers (SFS) released

Operation Financial Freedom.

Owner and Founder of SFS Dion Jensen has informed me that his brand new Operation Financial Freedom package has been launched and has been receiving some great results.

It is very refreshing to see such a dedicated person helping Defence force personnel around the world.

Operation Financial Freedom is valued way over the $97 dollars Success for soldiers is asking. To gain access to this fantastic product all you need to do is click the Success For Soldiers Log below and it will take you direct.


.SFS Machined Tile