December, 2014

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Does The Australian Military Deserve a Pay rise

Hi Talking military Readers,

Well hasn’t this subject been thrown around the news lately. As a ex Serving member i am devastated to find out that the government will only increase wages by only 1.5%. A rate below inflammation . The pay rise of 1.5% will be per year for the next 3 years. This is more than 1.5% below estimated inflation, and 140% less than the pay rise that politicians have awarded themselves in past years.”

The Defence force Welfare Association tried to tell the Prime Minister to Jump in and stop it. They told the PM that it is a insult that such a low rate could be implemented, as was a strange way to reward out defense personnel.

The Government has justified the decision saying it’s all they can afford.

Prime minister Tony Abbott  stated “We’d all like to pay our serving defence personnel more, but there’s going to have to be a very tight pay restraint across the public sector, including with defence personnel,”

And what makes me laugh is Assistant Defence Minister Stuart Robert described defence personnel’s current salaries as “generous”, citing an “enormous number of allowances”, subsidised housing and health care benefits.

AAArrr well they deserve it, they protect our country.

So members let us know what your thoughts are regarding this topic