January, 2015

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Estrogen-Powered Military

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During the old times women were highly disregarded simply because of their gender. According to tradition, women are good for nothing and must only marry a man in order to survive the jungle of life. They have no identity in society and merely a shadow that needs no recognition and acknowledgement. But now in the modern times the scales have reached a balance between gender differences. Women can now play in a man’s world. Even the field of military has seen its shares of women that have succeeded with flying colors. Is there really a modern-day military which is estrogen-powered?

The pages of history have been marked with women working their way into various cultural and national battles. Now, the ancient warrior status of women comes into forms of highly respected ranking officials in the military. Although that girl power has reached the boundaries of the military, debates have been driven around endlessly.

These debates are rooted on the doubt that women will be able to withstand the physically and mentally draining demands of combat. The shadows of sexual discrimination keep on pulling the female species back into the dark corner were they are placed by society. Certain factors are being used to formulate evidences on why women should not be allowed to enter into the military. As usual the differences in both genders are popping out.

From the point of view of the critics, men are still the dominant species in aspects of physicality and psyche. Women are being questioned on their capacity to withstand the traumatic experience of engaging battle in real-life situations. Another concept is at hand is the effect of having both genders present on battlegrounds.

Instead of just looking at the conflicts brought about by the war itself, other problems may take place due to the addition of women in the mix. Emotions can easily flare up leading to decisions that may gravely affect the outcome of the mission. There are reports wherein male soldiers who see female soldiers that get wounded during crossfire tend to be enraged and losse control.

Men naturally have that protective nature when they have the opposite sex by their side. Also, soldiers are traditionally viewed with all masculinity. The society is having a hard time accepting the fact that women can lace up those boots and tear their way into the battlefield. Women have been seen throughout the recent times serving the military as a support group. This was done in order to avoid unwanted complications in times of shootout and high-powered ammunition confrontations.

Although there have been documentations wherein women are regarded for their contribution during all-out encounters within the military. Presently, there are countries that only allow women to join the military given that they cannot be part of any form of combat namely Denmark, Israel, Switzerland, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Finland, Norway, and France. The United Kingdom recruit women in their artillery units while the US opens its doors for ladies who can pilot planes.

Traditional practices and beliefs are hard to wipe out from our lives. Yet, if these principles hinder our progress and development why not open our thoughts to innovations that may boost our existence. This is not a man’s world anymore. Women have come a long way and have made their mark in great fashion. I don’t mind a little bit of estrogen power in the military. Do you?

Lets sound Military When We Talk.

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Acing the Military Way

Education and practice are very important cogs in boosting the personality and individuality of a person. It is always said that education is the one treasure you can carry up to the point when you’re six feet under. Every lesson instilled in your mind and heart is used to generate every life-supporting means possible. In line with this matter, let me help you rediscover the significance of educating yourself by focusing on how the military refines itself by offering the best kind of training to its personnel. If you are willing enough, allow me to present how you can ace things up the military.

The military works in a very systematic manner. This can be seen on how it essentially works in order to make its personnel the best professionals in the world not only physically or mentally but in all aspects as well. The members of the military undergo a rigid process of continuous training and education. Its very objective is founded on the aim of defining each personnel specifically in the role they have to endure as part of each branch. This said process can be dictated upon by the institution or may solely depend on the willingness of the individual to improve.

Authorization is of utmost importance before you can engage in military primary training. A full medical and physical examination is done before you can go out in the field and do your thing. Whether it is a simple task of relaying information to your commander or handling sophisticated weaponry, you must have proper recommendation first. Once you have complied with the examinations and made it through, that’s the time you start the initial training. This is where the real party starts.

The recruits undergo various drills and activities that will truly take your mind and body to their limits. The instructor handling the budding members is tasked to give out basic technical information that is necessary for achieving military purposes. This is like early years in school/college in preparation for the fields you want to major in. As for the military you can go in many ways. There are a lot of options.

It is a must in order to have a meaningful military career for you to harness yourself and grasp a specialization whether it is in the army, navy, or air force. It is a very exciting phase because you will be acquainted with the organization’s wide range of network and technology. There is an abundant list of military educational institutions across the globe. Normally the ones that make it become officers and have the opportunity to access further learning opportunities in order to become high-ranking officials.

There are two very essential aspects of military training. The first one is hand-to-hand combat. This art of battling go way back during the Roman times. Military personnel are trained through a craft known as wrestling. Essentials in this practice include masterful balance; agility; dexterity and grip strength; thrusting power; high level of endurance, stamina, of course strength; well-calculated reaction; and above all unity and oneness. The other one is resocialization.

It involves harnessing the individual in all aspects in order to increase viability and survival in an unknown environment. There are two mechanisms involved which are establishing the person as part of a joint force while in active service and helping that person be accustomed to civilian life once discharge comes into the picture.

Life in the military is never a bed of roses. These people constantly make it a point that their day is about acing the military way.

A Closer Look At Homosexuals In The Military

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The issue of allowing homosexuals in the military has been a major point of contention for those who are against or for those who are in favor of having homosexuals in the armed forces. For some, working with a homosexual will make them feel uncomfortable while for others it is jut alright to have homosexuals. Here we will look at some of the issues confronting the so-called “third sex” as they desire to join the ranks of the military.

Those who are against having homosexuals in the military believe that the agency will lose its cohesiveness. The life of a soldier is intimate and they do everything together, so for a homosexual, this can be an intimidating experience working with other people who might take advantage of the situation. Likewise, having homosexuals can disrupt the discipline and good morale of the military.

In addition, as Wallace puts it, soldiers who are involved with each other romantically can affect their social and emotional membership in the unit. Their object of obsession is each other and their relationship that they would forget to fulfill their responsibilities to the group. Their devotion to one another will violate the loyalty they pledge to the Army and their co-soldiers.

Aside from that, those who are against the move to allow homosexuals in the armed forces believes that the military is not like the civil service that offers equal opportunity for all. As far as selection and recruitment, the armed forces is exempted from this principle of providing similar opportunities. The rationale behind the establishment of the institution is to protect the country.

On the other hand, those who are in favor of homosexuals in the military believes that there is a historical basis for allowing them to enter the institution. Likewise, they contend that the military can benefit from the creative minds of homosexuals as far as logistics, strategies, and intelligence is concerned.

Likewise, proponents of the move believe that there should be no gender preference when recruiting and selecting potential members of the military. This is an effective solution to control the decreasing number of applicants joining the military. Without the gender preference, the military could expand its recruitment base.

Another contention of those who agree to have homosexuals in the armed forces is because recruitment for the military should be based on qualifications, abilities, skills, and characteristics and not gender. Just because an individual is gay does not mean that they do not possess the necessary skills to perform assigned tasks. So gender should not be an issue in recruitment and selection.

The military should not question the gender of an individual instead they should work on improving the selection process in order to truly determine who can really dedicate their lives for the protection of their state and its people. Loyalty, patriotism, and other requirements needed for the service of the country could not only be fulfilled by males so gender should never be an issue.

A person of authority and rank should not be allowed to take advantage of their superiors just because of their sexual orientation. The institution is a test of stamina as well as one’s physical, emotional, and mental skills. As long as an individual, regardless of gender, can fulfill these requirements then there is nothing wrong with having homosexuals in the military.

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Science in Military

Man has been gifted with a tremendous amount of curiosity. It is in this gift that he is enabled to discover all sorts of innovations for life to be better and more enjoyable. Among his finest ally in this unending quest to seek higher quality of living is science. You and I always hear it. That word science. Everywhere you go science is captured and utilized for whatever purpose is at hand. Almost all aspects of society require its services. One proof is how it turns the knob in every military action around the globe. Come and let’s take the journey in knowing how science contributes to the uplifting of military standards.

First you must be acquainted with the concept of military science. It is a process by which the military tap into the services of capable and competent scientists, engineers, technicians, designers, researchers, and military personnel in order to develop a very strong military capability. The military acts on this purpose via formulated national policies.

Studies and researches are then done in order to boost the military by providing innovative machineries, concepts and strategies, and over-all technology. Basically science in military is used in order to make complex concepts and situations shift into simplicity thereby producing effective and efficient means of production, education, and training. Let’s turn the pages of history and find out how science was developed the military manner. Military science was part of the academic curriculum. It played a role in tickling the mind with education and joined the ranks of subjects like Philosophy, Medicine, and Physics.

The medium used to deliver information was basically English. Its fame rose when the most of the populace that occupied Europe was not at all literate. The need for a scientific method in military came into being due to the demand that officers should be adept in calculating troop movements. It was during the Renaissance era that the linear method of warfare was commonly utilized. The military saw the significance of having accurate and strategic movements in order to utilize the organization’s strength in full force. And then there was gunpowder which demanded a more rigid plan in building fortresses.

Engineering changes had to be done to offer more stable forms of shelter and protection. The gauging of the fighting performance of the troops in the field was then handled in a more scientific approach. From individual to group psychology, it was an essential part of battle that each and everyone was assessed as to their capability to fight and withstand the pressures and trauma of war. More so, traditional battle philosophies were mixed with scientific researches that formed the very core of every commander’s principle in bringing his enemy right down the drain. The time of emphasis into military topography rise into fame.

Battle scenarios were easily drawn even on the most rigid plains and terrains which were largely due to the impact of scientific understanding of the specific area. Administration and legislation were smoothly prepared to aid the military in its bid to have more stability. Although many officers in the military still count on the traditional methods and strategies of war, it is a fact the science has brought the battles into higher levels.

The force it has impacted on the military is quite devastating. Technology is at its peak at this time wherein the energy of particles is utilized in order to produce weapons that are beyond man’s limits. You and I are now in the atomic and nuclear era.

Science and technology has played a huge role in boosting the military’s power. It has reached a long way since the dawning of clubs and spikes.


Living The Military Life

Living The Military Life

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The popular belief is that working in the military is the most soul-crushing experience that you could probably have in your life. It’s a belief that’s been propagated by the stereotypical images that we see on TV shows and movies. It’s not exactly a complete lie. A whole lot of training goes in to creating a good and dedicated soldier and some of this training is to break the individual and turn him into a cog in a machine.

 That isn’t exactly bad. Most companies emphasize the need for an employee to be a part of his corporate team, but the big difference here is that a soldier is not part of a corporate team. He’s part of a team that is focused on mostly defeating an enemy, mostly through very violent means. Teaching someone the killer instinct can be very dangerous. I make no bones about it – there are some pretty frightening men in uniform.

 The army tries is best to filter out the psychos and to instil a sense of honour in its ranks but still some slip through the cracks. Sounds creepy but you have to understand that national defence is a serious business. George Orwell best put it when he said that men slept well in the assurance that there were some big, dangerous men willing to do violence in his name.

 But then soldiers aren’t all cold-blooded killing machines. I’ve known quite a few soldiers who did it right and are living pretty good lives. One of the overriding principles of being a good soldier is discipline, and no life has ever suffered from having too much discipline. Quite a few kids who started out on the wrong side of tracks had their heads put on straight a tour in the army. Having esprit de corps and the ability to control yourself can go a long way. The sense of personal pride helps too. Young men who enter basic training at an army camp are moulded into soldiers who would obey orders and who would willingly sacrifice themselves to save their comrades and their country.

 Of course, people don’t enter the military to improve themselves. The usual reason for entrance into the armed forces is a chance to escape poverty. The military provides excellent education and benefits for those underprivileged individuals who would not be able to ordinarily support themselves. A solid source of income with low entry requirements is usually what they need and the military can provide this in spades. 

High school kids from rural areas and townships often take a tour or two to earn themselves some seed money for the future and give themselves a vocational education that they would normally not have. For the lucky few who reach officer rank, military scholarships are also available to any soldier who wants it.

 There are risks, of course. Being a soldier is a very high-risk occupation, especially now in these dangerous times. It used to be that a young American could expect a quiet time in the military, punctuated by bouts of training to keep in tip-top condition. Actually, there are still people who have that life, supporting the troops via performing logistical operations and other things that make sure that a modern army keeps on moving. However, the risks of combat encounters are higher now and being in the Army can be a stressful time for anyone.

 Life in the military may not be as devastating as it has been shown by Hollywood, but it’s still definitely a risky proposition.