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Success For Soldiers launches Operation Debt Destruction

Hi TM Readers,

Our friends over at Success For Soldiers have informed Talking Military of a great new training package that has been designed by the  Success For Soldiers team called

Operation Debt Destruction

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This training course will help you get your money problems back on track.

So a little word from the founder of Success For Soldiers: Mr Dion Jensen

THERE IS HOPE! Learn these four phases, it will save you the pain.

If you are already in pain, do the course and take control. It can only get worse if you don’t and the pain will not go away…

I will give you all the training and tools to get your money under control for less than what people spend on coffee for the week…Only you can decide if the cost is worth it.

Regards  Dion d JensenSFS Logo

The Four Phases of Money Control

Phase One: TRACKING (Complete with Financial Snapshot Document)
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Phase Three: TARGETING (Complete with Self-Totaling Targeting Document)

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Phase Four: TACTICS

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So click the picture below and head over to Enroll or receive further information for

Operation Debt Destruction

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Military Evolution

Military Evolution


As a civilization man has been very adaptive in the sense that we have withstood all the breathtaking blows of nature and history in order to stand our ground firmly and stay on top of the food chain. Life naturally is and has always been the survival of the fittest. The weaponry involved in military has undergone a long and tedious process of evolution. It is very fascinating how man can reach deep down within his thoughts and produce facilities that serve as his ally and protection. Let’s venture through time and witness the glory of military weaponry growth and development.

Time and again it has been proven that technological breakthrough in terms of military organization and facilities dictate who comes on top. It all started with clubs and spears and the development was quite fascinating wherein maces, bow and arrows and slings were featured. Animal-drawn vehicles were formulated to aid man in his fighting quests. Donkeys and horses became famous for their aid in speed and eases of transportation. Units such as infantry, cavalry, and auxiliaries came into existence as systems of combat were formulated.

Great civilizations spiced things up by marking their own brand of troops. Romans marched in legions while Greeks took pride in their impenetrable phalanxes. Athens then called on the cavalry and raised warfare into new levels. Due to changes in military organization, the concept of combined forces came into life. The infantry, artillery, and of course the ever reliable cavalry was the buzz of society. The battle then reached the seas and naval battles came into being. Engineering and architecture took the stage and ships of all sorts and sizes navigated the seven seas for the purpose of attaining military supremacy around the globe. Battleships were equipped with devastating cannons.

The medieval period then paved the way for the birth of genuine warriors and fighters that inked their status within the books of history. Some of which that we come to know and admire are stories of knights, samurai, pikeman, cataphract, janissary, and the artillery. Simple makeshifts of bow and arrow rose into innovation as English longbows and crossbows were showcased in the battlefield.

Things started to heat up in the birth of gunpowder. Guns and cannons fired their way into sizzling combat arenas. Fire ships were then used to burn the opponent down to the ocean depths. Technology then took the lead role in this quest for supremacy when submarines conquered ocean floors. This improved the espionage aspect of war. It was not only hitting and firing that was of importance. Intelligence became a vital cog in victories. Guns were not only limited to small hand held varieties.

The longer and more devastating types were developed. Bayonets, rifles, and machine guns were then consistently used to fend off enemies in war. The battles were then taken high up in the skies. Aviation was now part of the gruelling sequences that took the globe by storm. Cruisers, aircraft carriers, and helicopters flew off the ground.

They served as means of attacking the enemy in flight and transporting military personnel as well. Sad to say due to man’s unrelenting thirst for victory chemical, atomic, and nuclear warfare brought about destruction the world has never seen before.

Up to this point there is continuous weaponry evolution in the military. Let’s just hope and pray that these innovations don’t push man into the brink of extinction.

Success For Soldiers – First GOOD News book about PTSD

SFS Logo

Hi TM Team,

I received information from my friend Dion Jensen the founder of Success For Soldiers that he has begun to write a Good News book about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Good news about PTSD – WHAT, whats so good about PTSD I thought.

Dion asked me to read his overview of his new book and as a brother in arms I agreed.

As a ex serving member of defense who has been deployed over seas during conflict, PTSD has always been fresh for me.

Seeing my brothers, sisters and myself battle PTSD as some stage of our lives I was interested to see what Dion had to say about the Good News to PTSD.

I have read Dions overview, and passed my comments to Dion regarding the book overview.

If you have a spare few minutes I would love for Talking Military members who them selves suffer from PTSD or know a brother or sister who suffers PTSD to read Dion’s overview and provide feed back to him.

To gain access to Dion’s GOOD News to PTSD book overview please click one of the links below and provide Dion with some feed back.

You can also add your feed back to the comments section on Talking Military below.

Thanks TM team


Science in Military


Hi TM readers, These are my thoughts to Military Science.

Man has been gifted with a tremendous amount of curiosity. It is in this gift that he is enabled to discover all sorts of innovations for life to be better and more enjoyable. Among his finest ally in this unending quest to seek higher quality of living is science. You and I always hear it. That word science. Everywhere you go science is captured and utilized for whatever purpose is at hand. Almost all aspects of society require its services. One proof is how it turns the knob in every military action around the globe. Come and let’s take the journey in knowing how science contributes to the uplifting of military standards.

First you must be acquainted with the concept of military science. It is a process by which the military tap into the services of capable and competent scientists, engineers, technicians, designers, researchers, and military personnel in order to develop a very strong military capability. The military acts on this purpose via formulated national policies.

Studies and researches are then done in order to boost the military by providing innovative machineries, concepts and strategies, and over-all technology. Basically science in military is used in order to make complex concepts and situations shift into simplicity thereby producing effective and efficient means of production, education, and training. Let’s turn the pages of history and find out how science was developed the military manner. Military science was part of the academic curriculum. It played a role in tickling the mind with education and joined the ranks of subjects like Philosophy, Medicine, and Physics.

The medium used to deliver information was basically English. Its fame rose when the most of the populace that occupied Europe was not at all literate. The need for a scientific method in military came into being due to the demand that officers should be adept in calculating troop movements. It was during the Renaissance era that the linear method of warfare was commonly utilized. The military saw the significance of having accurate and strategic movements in order to utilize the organization’s strength in full force. And then there was gunpowder which demanded a more rigid plan in building fortresses.

Engineering changes had to be done to offer more stable forms of shelter and protection. The gauging of the fighting performance of the troops in the field was then handled in a more scientific approach. From individual to group psychology, it was an essential part of battle that each and everyone was assessed as to their capability to fight and withstand the pressures and trauma of war. More so, traditional battle philosophies were mixed with scientific researches that formed the very core of every commander’s principle in bringing his enemy right down the drain. The time of emphasis into military topography rise into fame.

Battle scenarios were easily drawn even on the most rigid plains and terrains which were largely due to the impact of scientific understanding of the specific area. Administration and legislation were smoothly prepared to aid the military in its bid to have more stability. Although many officers in the military still count on the traditional methods and strategies of war, it is a fact the science has brought the battles into higher levels.

The force it has impacted on the military is quite devastating. Technology is at its peak at this time wherein the energy of particles is utilized in order to produce weapons that are beyond man’s limits. You and I are now in the atomic and nuclear era.

Science and technology has played a huge role in boosting the military’s power. It has reached a long way since the dawning of clubs and spikes.

The Military Saves for the Rainy Days

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The Military Saves for the Rainy Days

It is but natural that along the journey you may encounter all sorts of detours that may prolong or even hinder the journey itself. That is why it is always best to be ready and alert all the time. You must recognize the fact that along each turn you may need additional resources. As they say it is a must to save for the rainy days. This holds true for the military. The fact that each scenario can bring about twisting changes and conflicts makes it more than a standard operation for this organization to be able to have a unit on which reinforcement can be gathered. The military with its rich and abundant resources still has what is known as its reserve. Let’s find out what a military reserve is.

Basically, a military reserve is composed of a number of personnel and units which are not really tapped to be part of a present situation. They are also known as a tactical or strategic reserve. This means that when unforeseen conflicts and instances begin to make its way into the battlefield they are the ones being called for to act. Opportunities in which they are very useful are grabbed by the commanding officer.

They may act to relieve troops that have been initially fighting to provide fresh reinforcements and at other times there is weak point seen on the enemy and they are ones competent enough to get the job done. The idea of having reserves can be attributed to the time when the Romans conceptualized a battle tactic in which the less experienced and efficient soldiers stood in front of the charging or defending troops. The initial row of Roman soldiers was backed up by a unit composed of more seasoned veterans.

During that time, it was a very glorifying achievement to be placed on the third ranks. This denoted a promotion into a higher status as a soldier. It was a widely used mechanism of battle to let the weak members of the Roman herd stray into battle and let the more competent ones deliver the death blow whenever the opportunity presents itself. Yes I know what you’re thinking. It’s pretty unfair for those on the front ranks. Well that’s how war works.

Reserves are placed at various levels of command. They may even be slated in different headquarters in order to systematically distinguish their levels of engagement. Reserves can go as small as a simple company and can even extend as big as that of a whole brigade. The deployment of the reserves takes time to master and is very significant in predicting the outcome of the action itself.

Commanders must make it a point that the timing of tapping the reserves into action is right on the dot. In order to minimize unwanted outcomes and casualties the common action is that only part of the reserves is mobilized. The whole reserve is only deployed during times of an all-out crisis situation. An example of which is when there is exact uncertainty that the forces are not enough to bring the enemy down.

Tactical deployment also involves sending reserves to certain areas tagged as hotspots anywhere around the globe in order to provide reinforcement for the initial units placed. There is a common misconception that the members of the reserves are the weak link in the military unit. Well, in fact the reserves are the ones having the finest skills and hi-tech weaponry.

Whether you’re in the military or not always remember it pays to save for the rainy days.



The Military Machine

The Military Machine



Various organizations come alive because of the needs presented by the different sectors of society. These organizations last for quite a number of years due to the fact that a certain system is followed as the blueprint on how it carries out specific activities and functions. Groups of people combine to form a machinery wherein there are parts that co-exist and act together to keep the whole intact. The military is one of the more complex human machines known to history. Let’s take a look at how things work beyond the barracks.

The provision of a military command is the primary concern in its machinery. Policies are developed which acts as guidelines on how the military can act as an organized body. Policies of course are created based on the current needs of a certain country or state. A military command is founded on good organization. The structure is relevant in keeping a sturdy form. From the highest ranking commander down to the simple yet reliable platoon, each must work in order to boost the military’s aims and objectives. Officer corps is yet another important concept.

It is basically composed of military personnel who are tasked with specific functions and duties. Examples of these personnel include the marines, airmen, sailors, and of course the soldiers. These people are responsible not only in times of war. Education, technology and facility maintenance, and administrative duties are also the concern of theses individuals.

Adequacy in the number of military personnel is ensured by continuously performing recruitment tasks and activities. Intelligence is a vital cog in keeping the military stable. Both military personnel and civilian professionals work hand in hand in order to provide the best and effective form of military intelligence which is used in order to understand and predict movements and behaviours of certain threats.

In line with this matter, secrecy is of utmost priority. It is said that top ranking officials carry the secrets of the force right down to their grave. Capability development or often termed as military strength is another page of the military’s book.

It is very complex and dynamic due to the operational, strategic, and tactical demands involved. Logistics, military education, training, and practices are significant parts of a military’s strength. More so, the development of a well-founded doctrine is given emphasis. It stands as the military’s way of life and showcases how certain trained and equipped personnel engage in battle. Research and technology is very vital in the existence of a military that is why science also plays an important role. Various capable scientists are commonly found working in the midst of the military. Doctors and psychologist are employed to give the personnel a helping hand on conflicts that may arise involving their tour of duty especially after wars.

Next in line is ensuring that military capability is well-distributed whenever and wherever needed. Transportation facilities are employed in order for this to happen. Military logistics requires strength and competency since it is tasked to make sure that equipment and force necessities are maintained. Next to logistics is the operation itself. This involves in hands on engagement with the enemy.

Campaigns are strategically mapped out in order to ensure that victory is at hand. It is a very delicate process as lives are at stake and territorial security is on the table. Lastly, two more concepts that are also of equal importance are finance and performance assessment. Finance is needed in order for the military to maintain its competency and up-to-date technology. Assessment on the other hand ensures that the organization’s morale is intact and that the right men are employed to carry out the military’s objectives.

The military is a very delicate machine. Its operative performance depends entirely on the hands of the people working in it.



Young Military Blood


Isn’t it nice to go back in time and enjoy the benefits of being a child? Imagine yourself with no worries and free from the hustles of maintaining a hectic work schedule not to mention having to pay bills on time. Can you still recall those days that you only have to wake up, get a nice ward breakfast, prepare yourself, and head on to school?

Boy those days were simple and well a thing of the past. Even though you’ve past your time as a child, you’re pretty lucky you had the chance to enjoy it. There are children around the world that are victims of war. They are forced to hold a gun or trade their innocence in order to survive. Hold you breathe as we journey into the lives of the young military blood.

It’s sad to note that children are abused by the military in three different ways. The first one is that they are forced to gear up and play child soldiers. Now, it isn’t so bad not having that toy you wanted when you were ten, is it now? Next they are utilized as having some sort of supportive task such as relaying messages, delivering goods from camp to camp, acting out as spies and look outs and well, for the young girls out in the open they become slaves sexually.

The third and most gruesome form of abuse is that children are used as for political agendas and human protection by those good for nothing cowards in the military. All over the world these things actually happen. Some of the common places wherein this despicable act is found in Africa, Asia, Northern and Latin America, Europe, and in the Middle East particularly in Palestine and Israel. Well, the act of having children participate in military affairs is not really new.

It is written within the pages of history that most cultures have been doing it even against the bounds of morality. Let’s take a closer look. It was a common practice in the Mediterranean for children to act as armor bearers, helpers, and even charioteers for their adult counterparts. During the antiquity period, children were ordered to tag along the journey of a family wherein a member is part of the military. This makes them susceptible to attacks that may be staged along the way.

Squires or military helpers were famous during the time Medieval Period in Europe. These are commonly composed of boys aged twelve and above. There was the Children’s Crusade in which children served as untrained soldiers who head on to battle under the notion that they will be protected by divine power. Most of the children in this event in history ended up as slaves. During the Battle of Waterloo, the ‘great’ Napoleon ordered children to be placed on the front ranks of the attack. What sort of gun did they carry? No guns.

They served as drummer boys that signalled the attack of the Emperor’s troops. They were simply gunned down during the battle. When the wars were taken to the seas, children were also dragged away. Young boys were tasked to bring powder and shot to the ship’s artillery crew. They were tagged as powder monkeys. These are only mere examples of what children around the globe experience due to the unending power struggle.

You may mumble how life is so tiring and unfair amidst those high stacks of paper works on your desk but you’re really lucky to have had a good childhood memory as opposed to those who are part of the young blood of the military.