Bullying, harassment, Unacceptable behavior in OUR Military

Well this topic has been thrown around our Military a lot in the last couple of months.

As a ex serving member I am appalled to be hearing about the bullying, harassment, distributing unacceptable material of women in the force and all the other unacceptable behaviour that has been going on. Bullying and harassment just shows the insecurity in some of our defence force members. The old sea dogs that I answered to in the navy many years ago would yes yell scream get in your face and make you feel the size of a ant at times but it was for a very good reason. You would look up to these men and women as leaders and role modules.

Maybe it is the next generation that are coming through the ranks that are the problem, do they think it is acceptable to be doing these sort of thing. Whatever it is it has to stop. When going to the gulf war in 2003 and spending time with the American armed forces you see that there civilian country men and women absolutely adore there military and are so proud of them. They can do no wrong. I look out our defence force for when I was in the navy and till now, our public really don’t care about our defence force. I am not saying this everyone but you walk to the shops in your military uniform and the looks of most people or the nasty comments you receive are huge. Especially if they see a Sailor. I remember on a Anzac day march I did in the city I walked past a girl about 16 years old and bang she looked at me and called me a fagot. She does not know me, I am married with kids, but that is what has been imprinted on to her mind and her lack of knowledge, so to her all navy personnel are gay. With these types of issues coming out from defence does not help us to try and keep the support or little support we have from the people it is our job to protect.

The publication to the world of women in our defence force is what really gets my goat. Who gives anyone not just in the military but anywhere the right to demoralise male or female on the internet, video or picture and pass it around amongst their mates. You are I the military ladies and gents, you have sworn for queen and country. Our people of Australia look up to you to go to war and protect them. Remember you Signed up for it, you need to take on the responsibility. Doing these types of acts is presenting to our public that you are a bunch of rabbles. After your initial training and category training the military or should I say public taxes have probably spent around the 1 million dollar mark on you to turn you in to a fighting machine as they say. I guess they waisted their money on some people.

Discipline action yes I agree that the defence should punish their own as sometimes the punishments the defence force hands out are more severe than in the public sector, however these men and women who have conducted these crimes should face the military law and the civilian law to the full effect.

The big issues for me as well is not just junior defence members but the officers are a part of this as well. WOW. I’m am sorry but if officers are doing this what is our defence coming to. They need to be dishonourably discharged immediately. We don’t need senior leaders in our defence force who act like criminals.

This is just my two cents worth, If you have a comment to add please do.

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