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Operation Slipper Veterans to be Recognized

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To all Current and EX serving Military, Army, Navy and Air force the Australian Government will recognize the hard yards that we put in during Operation Slipper. The Government is holding marches in all capital cities to commemorate those who went and those who did not return.

The end of 2014 will mark the conclusion of Operation SLIPPER, Australia’s military contribution to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in Afghanistan, and the International Coalition against Terrorism (ICAT) mission across Afghanistan and the Middle East which commenced in October 2001.

Since Australia commenced deployments to Afghanistan, over 33000 Australian Defence Force personnel, Australian Public Service employees and Australian Federal Police have deployed to the Middle East Area of Operations as part of the operation.

The Prime Minister announced, on Saturday 01 March 2014, that a nation-wide commemoration activity marking the end of Operation SLIPPER will be held on Saturday 21 March 2015. A commemoration activity will be conducted in each State and Territory capital city and Townsville.

Click the picture above and head to the official Military Web page for details for your state.

I will be going and i hope to see my old ship mates their too.


Work Your Way into Military Muscles – One for the Civilians

Work Your Way into Military Muscles – One for the Civilians

Picture from freedigitalphotos.net & Suran Nualpradid

Picture from freedigitalphotos.net & Suran Nualpradid


Picture from freedigitalphotos.net &photostock

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The military owes its strength from the men and women who are continuously working to make themselves better with each passing day. Being part of the military is no joke because you have to make sure that you maintain a high level of fitness physically and psychologically. But do you ever wonder how soldiers sailors and airmen keep their bodies in tip-top condition? Ponder no more because here are some ideas straight from the bases in order for you to work your way towards those bulging military muscles.

Lives are often at stake when the military moves especially in combat. This is why physical fitness is of utmost importance. It is helpful in making any military personnel ready for the demands of duty. Defence personnel undergo what is called Physical Training or a PT tests. The Schools commander is in charge of making sure that the each personnel from every military brand is able and ready to take on the rigorous challenges of the test.

Fitness is not only tested in strength and speed. Responsiveness is also a factor to be considered. Members of the military should be able to act accordingly regardless of the location or time involved. Speaking of time, personnel are advised to kick off their physical fitness regimen six months or more before engaging into the training proper. The battlefield is no place for people who are entirely out of shape. It demands a lot from the body wherein at times you have to carry different sorts of equipment and supplies for long distances. You may even have to move an injured partner during an encounter. The military follows a well-founded routine in order to keep its member firmly stable.

The physical fitness program involves different aspects such as muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and of course the ever tiring but rewarding cardiovascular workouts. There are different principles that correlates with those mentioned above namely regularity, progression, balance, overload, adequate recovery, variety, and specificity.

It is best that when undergoing different workouts and exercises you must formulate a schedule that will coincide with your other activities. The time and place for your routine depends entirely on your preferences. It is recommended that workouts are on a five-day per week schedule.

Cardio exercises can be combined with muscle strengthening and endurance workouts. The important thing is to set the days on which to do the routines in order to ensure that equilibrium and balance in the workouts are achieved. Don’t forget to go through warming up and cooling down. These practices decrease the chances of having injuries. The flexibility aspect of the regimen is also an integral effect of warming up and cooling down.

Apart from the rigid military exercises, FITT is also an important cog in its physical fitness program. It includes frequency, intensity, type, and time. Frequency entails that the workout should be done five days in a week. Intensity indicates how hard your body is working. You can use you heart rate to measure intensity. 60-90 percent maximum heart rate is the suggested optimum level. Time demand for cardio exercises is 20-30 minutes while strength and conditioning is measured by the number of repetitions. Muscular endurance requires more repetitions while strength calls for fewer reps.

Being fit and trim is not developed on an overnight basis. It comes with discipline, dedication, and hard work. So if you feel you’re pretty banged up and out of shape, start your day right and work your way into military muscles.


Slugging it Out the Military Style

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Slugging it Out the Military Style

There are means in which conflicts are resolved. The usual thing to do to is sit and out and settle things amicably. There are also instances when debates sprout out into the open. Verbal arguments to prove each party’s claims go on and on until one actual proves that their claim is more reasonable. If the event or subject matter cannot be concluded in diplomatic terms, oh well there’s the conventional way of slugging it out. Fights can range from one to one or in very large groups. Well we all know the outcome is not really favourable for anyone. Let’s look out how the military carries itself while slugging it out with other organizations locally and around the globe.

The military was born in order to combat foes that pose as threat to national safety and security. As any group of people would want to do so, it set its crosshairs into winning at all cost. It has been part of the military’s history to come out on top using every precise strategy and tactic under its wily sleeves. It is all about getting the win for the nation’s pride. How does the military from its blueprint of victory? Let us take a look at three levels in which the military molds itself in order to be a precise combating machine.

First on the list is getting the win using a well-founded strategy. Military strategy entails proper utilization and management of its resources during the times of local and global campaigns. The commander-in-chief is the one lucky enough to handle such arduous task. Within his grasp are military forces either that of the home team or neighboring international allied forces.

The army, navy, and the air force are at his disposal. Since a lot is at stake whenever mass security and national pride is at stake, this is not an overnight affair. Developing an effective strategy entails reviewing policies and certain implications including that which is on a global degree. The time span needed for coming up with such takes more than months or even years. The management of supplies and resources is the primary concern of military strategy. It involves mapping out a full-proof plan for the movements during the war itself.

After laying out the strategy, the military then inches its way into the battle itself. Operational mobility is now on the table. It plays along the lines of military doctrine. Communicating each command is the utmost concern in this dynamic concept. The formations for each level are highly important. Things to consider include the ability of the formation to stand on its own and to deliver on the mission it is required to accomplish.

Now, the military is face-to-face with its foe. Its time to bring on the tactics needed to bring the enemy down to its feet. This involves developing methods that are utilized in engaging the enemy in the forefront of war and coming out on top of the hill. These methods are usually employed by certain military units over a period of hours and days. There is emphasis on sticking to each specific order given.

There have been a lot of changes in terms of the usage of military tactics. The traditional method of having a large fleet swarm the enemy has been replaced by more precise surprise attacks and ambushes.

The military doesn’t just slug it out with the enemy they have their own unique brand of fighting style.



Refreshing the Military


Refreshing the Military

The military is a multi-sectored organization. It does not hold itself within the confinements of battle strategies and combat trainings. Another part of its objective is to extend its network all they way to other professionals. In fact, the military has what is called as the professional corps wherein doctors, nurses, lawyers, dentists, and priests are members. Yes your eyes did not play a trick on you. The word priest is mentioned.

Well, they are actually called chaplains. The military makes it a point that its members are well-oriented on the affairs of the church regardless of what religion they are in. Come with me and take a look at how the military is refreshed by His presence.

It all starts on the part of the military called military relations. This program makes sure that military personnel are able to receive the precious blessing of the Church. It is founded on four very significant concepts. The first one is that recruits of the military should have proper Church orientation. Second is that the members of the military should be supported by Church advocates in whatever place they are assigned to. Third would be that Church services can be extended to military personnel whenever they are not fit or unable to attend such activities and the last is that there is encouragement chaplaincy in the different brands of the military.

Let me introduce you to the concept of military chaplaincy. As for any member of the military professional corps, a chaplain is hailed as an officer commissioned within the military. Chaplaincy is widely known in the force specifically in that of France and the US. The endorsement from the religious sector is needed in order to pursue a career in military chaplaincy. You may ask then, what really is the task of military chaplains? They are very vital in keeping the troops together, spiritually that is.

They serve as advisers that enrich the souls and minds. Moreover, they are the ones responsible for ensuring that there is a smooth flow of religious concerns within the perimeter of the organization. Chaplains are present wherever the troops head to. You can find these guys sweating it out during drills or even in the dangers of the battlefield.

The most important aspect of the chaplain’s duty is keeping the faith of the men and women in the military intact. They are the morale boosters especially in times of crisis. Chaplains work with individual troops and their families. This they accomplish in a certain fashion that would not discriminate religious beliefs and practices that are not part of their own while maintaining the integrity of their own ways.

Military chaplains operate an Ethical Code as prescribed by the National Ministry under the Military Force. They are expected to hold marriages and memorial services for family members. They make it a point that religious beliefs and relations are organized regardless of what circle you is in. They perform duties and responsibilities connected in teaching and counselling.

You may even see these dedicated fellows visiting military personnel and their family during sickness, detention, or even in the crossfire during war. One bit of information about chaplaincy is that when you engage in such profession you are allowed to have a family. More so, their family is part of the healing service they extend to the force.

The military is not always about the wild frenzies and avid shootings. There is a refreshing part of the military that you should always look forward to.



How The US Armed Forces Conducts Its Military Training

Hi TM readers,
Steven From Salt Lake city in Utah (USA) has written to Talking Military and requested to put a blog about how the US Armed forces conduct there Military Training. So take it away Steve,

How The US Armed Forces Conducts Its Military Training

Whenever the word military training comes to mind, one would picture a drill sergeant shouting in the face of a new cadet. While scenes like this do take place, the various branches of service employ similar techniques used in conducting corporate training’s. This method is what transforms the men and women of the military into extraordinary soldiers.

Boot camps, as what they call it, are the method used by companies in training their newly hired employees. It utilizes accelerated learning wherein knowledge is acquired in a short span of time. In contrast, military boot camps utilize shock value and “breakdown” techniques as a means of molding the new trainee leaving their most desirable characteristics intact. This technique creates both positive and negative reinforcement.

Aside from simulation, there is also classroom training. The trainees gain knowledge about decision making, change management, and a little bit of history. The concept of classroom training is to implement decision making after knowledge with time constraint. This is based on previous knowledge, team and individual needs. In a civilian perspective, knowledge is seen as a potential weapon.

Simulated trial and error is used to facilitate decision-making. The drill sergeant in charge of the boot camps tours the recruits through the obstacle course to give an explanation and set expectations. It is then the job of the recruit to determine a way through the obstacles and failure can happen more than once.

In conducting leadership training’s, the military uses basic, tactical, and development methods. It involves classroom lectures, proficiency tests, simulation, and evaluation. These same techniques are also used in corporate training’s. With the shock and break down technique, the drillmaster explains what can happen if they do not follow certain procedures. Likewise, those who do not follow the procedures of the training are reprimanded.

Boot camps consistently adapt to changes in the environment. In the military, decision-making should be done within a limited period of rime. Those who show their willingness and leadership ability are invited to take advanced leadership training’s.
Normal training strategies are adopted to get rid of the recruit’s marginal qualities and retain their best qualities. Using constant simulation, evaluation, and testing, military training converts the trainees into extraordinary soldiers and exceptional leaders.

Each of the different branches of service conducts their own boot camps. In the Army, training will be conducted for 9 weeks in one of their bases in the United States. The fitness level of the trainee will be evaluated and they will be given one of several haircuts. Every training week has a different focus. Classroom and field training’s provide the mental and physical preparation for upcoming tasks. The Army boot camps foster a feeling of togetherness.

The 8-week military training of the Navy is held at Great Lakes, Illinois. The tests are designed for developing physical stamina and mental toughness. Classroom and shipboard emergency simulations are geared towards boosting confidence. The Marines hold a grueling 13-weeks of training which is the toughest and hardest in all of the military. Prior to admission to the camp, the recruit will undergo an initial fitness and health screening.

The short Air Force basic training runs for only 6 weeks but consists of intense mental training. As an elite branch of service, the trainee will discover the history, tradition, courtesies, and customs of this specialized branch of service. The Coast Guard basic training held in Cape May, New Jersey provides recruits with training on the aspects of law enforcement, ice patrol, recreational boating safety, search and rescue, and marine and environmental safety.

Whichever military training a trainee joins, they can look forward to becoming an extraordinary soldier serving the US Armed Forces.

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Estrogen-Powered Military

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During the old times women were highly disregarded simply because of their gender. According to tradition, women are good for nothing and must only marry a man in order to survive the jungle of life. They have no identity in society and merely a shadow that needs no recognition and acknowledgement. But now in the modern times the scales have reached a balance between gender differences. Women can now play in a man’s world. Even the field of military has seen its shares of women that have succeeded with flying colors. Is there really a modern-day military which is estrogen-powered?

The pages of history have been marked with women working their way into various cultural and national battles. Now, the ancient warrior status of women comes into forms of highly respected ranking officials in the military. Although that girl power has reached the boundaries of the military, debates have been driven around endlessly.

These debates are rooted on the doubt that women will be able to withstand the physically and mentally draining demands of combat. The shadows of sexual discrimination keep on pulling the female species back into the dark corner were they are placed by society. Certain factors are being used to formulate evidences on why women should not be allowed to enter into the military. As usual the differences in both genders are popping out.

From the point of view of the critics, men are still the dominant species in aspects of physicality and psyche. Women are being questioned on their capacity to withstand the traumatic experience of engaging battle in real-life situations. Another concept is at hand is the effect of having both genders present on battlegrounds.

Instead of just looking at the conflicts brought about by the war itself, other problems may take place due to the addition of women in the mix. Emotions can easily flare up leading to decisions that may gravely affect the outcome of the mission. There are reports wherein male soldiers who see female soldiers that get wounded during crossfire tend to be enraged and losse control.

Men naturally have that protective nature when they have the opposite sex by their side. Also, soldiers are traditionally viewed with all masculinity. The society is having a hard time accepting the fact that women can lace up those boots and tear their way into the battlefield. Women have been seen throughout the recent times serving the military as a support group. This was done in order to avoid unwanted complications in times of shootout and high-powered ammunition confrontations.

Although there have been documentations wherein women are regarded for their contribution during all-out encounters within the military. Presently, there are countries that only allow women to join the military given that they cannot be part of any form of combat namely Denmark, Israel, Switzerland, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Finland, Norway, and France. The United Kingdom recruit women in their artillery units while the US opens its doors for ladies who can pilot planes.

Traditional practices and beliefs are hard to wipe out from our lives. Yet, if these principles hinder our progress and development why not open our thoughts to innovations that may boost our existence. This is not a man’s world anymore. Women have come a long way and have made their mark in great fashion. I don’t mind a little bit of estrogen power in the military. Do you?