Decorated Australian Special Forces Soldier killed in Afghanistan

I am sure that everyone would of heard or seen on the news that another one of our brave soldiers has passed away during a battle in Afghanistan. (I will not be advertising his name on this Web site for the respect of his family)

Also during the fight another special forces soldier was seriously wounded and an Airman received minor wounds.

Our fallen soldier had completed 5 tours of duty to Afghanistan. General Hurly made a T.V announcement and he stated that ” In combat and as a team commander, he was the man to watch and was never happier than when the situation demanded activation and courage.

I would on behalf of all the Talking Military Readers  and myself send our condolences to the family and friends of our fallen Special Forces soldier and to the soldier and Airman who received injuries during this time.

I hope and pray that they make a speedy recovery and make it home to Australia to their family and friends safely.

Lest we forget

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