Four dead, 144 rescued after asylum seeker boat capsizes near Christmas Island


Four dead, 144 rescued after asylum seeker boat capsizes near Christmas Island.

This issue is dear to me as a ex serving member I am aware on what happens during these boarding’s of asylum seeker boats and the danger involved for the seekers themselves but also the military and customs boarding teams. As much as it is a tragedy that lives have been lost, however this post is towards more of the sailors who are risking their lives.

Our sailors work bloody hard, yes they have been trained to do what they do and some people I am sure are saying bugger the navy guys what about the seekers? I think another debate/Blog needs to be activated just for the seekers.

So our navy guys, They are trained to drive small fast insertion boats with a boarding crew onboard to safely board the asylum seeker vessel. They get on board and do what they need to do to start the process of. Now unless you have ever done one of these boarding’s you really do not know what these navy guys have to go through. The physical and mental strain on them is over whelming and that is when the boarding is a routine boarding. When the boarding goes pear shape that’s when it really takes its toll on our sailors. When asylum seekers pass away or injury is sustained it does not just impact the asylum seekers it impacts OUR sailors to, I hope the normal Joe blow realises this to.

Our government needs to sort there S*^T out, when John Howard was prime minister we had little to no boats coming to Australia. We get Kevin Rudd in then Julia Gillard takes over then it goes back to Rudd (WHAT THE ) Don’t we look like a bunch of twits to the world when our own government fights amongst each other and then elects the deputy prime minister to take the big job, then she gives it back just before the next election (WHAT THE) Or maybe this was the plan all along, but that will be for another blog.

So I send this out to the people who think our navy staff are bullies, murderers, unethical just to name a few, have a think about them. They have families to in Australia who would like to see more of them as well. There job is not a walk in the park, they are stopping all these illegal seekers coming to Australia for a reason. Why should we allow seekers to come to Australia illegally and process them for citizenship but not allow a Fully qualified doctor from the UK or US who can save your life one day and who are doing the right thing for citizenship and going through the right channels and they still don’t get to come in. Nuts I tell you it is completely NUTS.

So to all the Navy Guys and Girls reading this post, You do a fantastic job out there we do appreciate what you do. Stay safe, Look after your OPO and come home safely. Bravo Zulu.

4 Commentsto Four dead, 144 rescued after asylum seeker boat capsizes near Christmas Island

  1. Jack says:

    I agree with the publisher, our navy work bloody hard out there.

    Also Welcome back Talking Military

  2. Jenko says:

    Thanks Jack for your comment. Also it is great to have Talking
    military back online

  3. Tyler says:

    I feel for the asylum seekers but our navy teams do work really hard

  4. Dion says:

    Having lived in Iraq for 3 years I understand people wanting to leave that country and other places. What I have an issue with, is that we don’t know if they are legitimate, criminals or economic refugees.

    I also have an issue with the entitlement mentality of some people where they expect us to help them. Show gratitude, not violence when you don’t get your own way.

    I am pretty sure that once someone is proven to be a legitimate refugee coming from torture and trauma, we would welcome them with open arms, if they agreed to respect our country and our laws.

    What do you think about a probationary period where if they break the law within that time, they are sent back?

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