How The US Armed Forces Conducts Its Military Training

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How The US Armed Forces Conducts Its Military Training

Whenever the word military training comes to mind, one would picture a drill sergeant shouting in the face of a new cadet. While scenes like this do take place, the various branches of service employ similar techniques used in conducting corporate training’s. This method is what transforms the men and women of the military into extraordinary soldiers.

Boot camps, as what they call it, are the method used by companies in training their newly hired employees. It utilizes accelerated learning wherein knowledge is acquired in a short span of time. In contrast, military boot camps utilize shock value and “breakdown” techniques as a means of molding the new trainee leaving their most desirable characteristics intact. This technique creates both positive and negative reinforcement.

Aside from simulation, there is also classroom training. The trainees gain knowledge about decision making, change management, and a little bit of history. The concept of classroom training is to implement decision making after knowledge with time constraint. This is based on previous knowledge, team and individual needs. In a civilian perspective, knowledge is seen as a potential weapon.

Simulated trial and error is used to facilitate decision-making. The drill sergeant in charge of the boot camps tours the recruits through the obstacle course to give an explanation and set expectations. It is then the job of the recruit to determine a way through the obstacles and failure can happen more than once.

In conducting leadership training’s, the military uses basic, tactical, and development methods. It involves classroom lectures, proficiency tests, simulation, and evaluation. These same techniques are also used in corporate training’s. With the shock and break down technique, the drillmaster explains what can happen if they do not follow certain procedures. Likewise, those who do not follow the procedures of the training are reprimanded.

Boot camps consistently adapt to changes in the environment. In the military, decision-making should be done within a limited period of rime. Those who show their willingness and leadership ability are invited to take advanced leadership training’s.
Normal training strategies are adopted to get rid of the recruit’s marginal qualities and retain their best qualities. Using constant simulation, evaluation, and testing, military training converts the trainees into extraordinary soldiers and exceptional leaders.

Each of the different branches of service conducts their own boot camps. In the Army, training will be conducted for 9 weeks in one of their bases in the United States. The fitness level of the trainee will be evaluated and they will be given one of several haircuts. Every training week has a different focus. Classroom and field training’s provide the mental and physical preparation for upcoming tasks. The Army boot camps foster a feeling of togetherness.

The 8-week military training of the Navy is held at Great Lakes, Illinois. The tests are designed for developing physical stamina and mental toughness. Classroom and shipboard emergency simulations are geared towards boosting confidence. The Marines hold a grueling 13-weeks of training which is the toughest and hardest in all of the military. Prior to admission to the camp, the recruit will undergo an initial fitness and health screening.

The short Air Force basic training runs for only 6 weeks but consists of intense mental training. As an elite branch of service, the trainee will discover the history, tradition, courtesies, and customs of this specialized branch of service. The Coast Guard basic training held in Cape May, New Jersey provides recruits with training on the aspects of law enforcement, ice patrol, recreational boating safety, search and rescue, and marine and environmental safety.

Whichever military training a trainee joins, they can look forward to becoming an extraordinary soldier serving the US Armed Forces.

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