Intel report on a new organisation that can help serving or ex serving Soldiers

 Intel report on a new organisation that can  help serving or ex serving Soldiers

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Hi bloggers,

A few weeks ago i received information that a new organisation was coming to light called Success For Soldiers. The hype about this new organisation was that they are helping serving, current discharging and Discharged Soldiers. I thought i would investigate and see if it was legit.

What I found was that not only do they help the troops their focus is on supporting the families and kids. I firstly connected to the Success for Soldiers organisation through their web site – and was impressed with the web page, I hit the enter button and I was away.

A professionally built web page opened and I got a good idea on what this organisation is trying to achieve. Basically, Assist Military personnel to transfer from the military life to the civilian life but in a language that us as serving members could understand. Not the civilian jargon. There was a PowerPoint on the front that showed the life of a Soldier once they leave. It hit me hard. You need to watch this.

Success For soldiers helps in finding employment, being financially free, but also ways to reconnect or keep in contact with your unit. One thing that really did stand out for me was a link that was called dealing with demons that took me to a YouTube video that helps in depression etc. They do this WITHOUT you having to stop being a Military person. This intrigued me as everything else I have seen was about ‘transition.’

I decided to try and make contact with the founder Dion Jensen.

He emailed me back and informed that after discharging from the army, after completing 5 years and a 6 month Operational Tour of Bosnia, a 7 year career with the Police then Operating in Iraq for 3 years a very close friend was killed. This started his new mission in life:

To help his brothers in arms who have discharged or discharging, help them find employment in the real world, continual support for the ex soldier and their family during the discharge process and help those who have experienced WAR/Depression to battle what Dion Calls “Demons” in their lives. Here is what Dion told me: 

“Matthew, we go through so much but our families and those left behind go through so much more. When my mate was killed he left behind a young daughter and wife who has recently died. That girl, our little Army niece now has no Mum or Dad. I realized that our Military Mindset is the key to success in the Civilian world. To try and train that out of the military family is ridiculous. Take who and what we are and USE that to prosper, but it must be in our own language using our own systems. 

He said even when we have learned how to survive in the civilian world, it is not a dump and run, we continue the support our team for as long as they need us. If it be a week ,a year or for life these our brothers and we would never leave a brother behind. Only our military brothers and sisters would understand this.

How true.

To me, this is fantastic concept, when i left the Navy no one helped me with a resume or transfer my military resume in to a civilian one,  I had to find my own job and after having no money come in for 6 pay’s after discharge i was lucky enough to get a job. I did not understand the civilian world let alone what to say during a job interview as much as I thought I did. 10 years in the military, no support on the way out and getting a job 3 months later earning 16 bucks an hour.

Personally if I had the support from an organisation like this hay things probably would have been better for me.

Dion left his phone number so i was able to call him and get more information and what he is trying to achieve. Dion informed me that Success For Soldiers is about to launch 2 New projects being Your Health and Wellness and Get Extra Income and has kindly offered Talking Military the Pre Launch links that takes you to simple questionnaires. You answer the questions that will take approximately 2-3 minutes and you will receive free advice and how to move fwd from his skilled training team.

I have clicked the links and have completed the questionnaires that did not take too long to do, my results of course I will not publish on the blog however Success for soldiers is able to help me in a couple of areas of my life what is fantastic.

If you want to see if this organisation can help you click the picture that you need help in and give it a go, what have you got to lose and its free.

Your Health And WellnessYour Health and Wellness

 Get Extra Income Get Extra Income              

Congratulations Dion on developing a great organisation that will help our brothers and sisters.

If you have any questions in regards to Success For Soldiers please contact Success for Soldiers through their Website however Talking Military can still fwd on your questions and Queries to them as well.


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    Interesting blog, I will check out the site and report back

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