Lets sound Military When We Talk.

Hi TM Team,mei34-4

Talking Military Admin Team would like you to help us out. We want to get the whole WEB  involved with this.

Talking Military would like to make a list of all the military jargon words or phrases that are used from around the world. This will be a huge mission but not impossible

It does not matter if you are Army, Navy, Air force, Marine or a civilian who has heard or used  the words or phrases before.

If you are unsure of the meaning, let us know and we will put it up to everyone to get the thoughts of our readers.

It does not matter if you are from New Zealand, Australia, America , Britain, China, we want to hear them all.

Once we have all of your words and meanings we will do some research and place them all in to 2 groups.

1) Confirmed – True

2) Unconfirmed

To say thank you for your time and effort in this project we at the Talking Military HQ will gather all the information and send it off to a EBook publisher and have it turned in to a EBook at no cost to you.

On issue of the Jan 2015 Club letter you will be able to download it for free and keep it for ever (Only subscribed users to Talking Military will have access to this new free E book as it will be offered in the club letter)

If you are not a club member please come and join us to gain access.

So let’s kick this off with one from us –

Word – Rabbits or Rabbit = Presents or souvenirs,


2 Commentsto Lets sound Military When We Talk.

  1. John says:

    Goffa – Can of coke or soft drink

  2. Jamie says:

    Airforce –
    Dongas – Place to sleep/Work place
    WAAFS – Females in the airforce
    Techo – Technical trade
    Gun plumber – Armour
    Boggie – Jr Officer
    Jewb – new Airmen

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