Military Fashion / The Uniforms We Wear

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I was going through some old boxes today and as i was going over them i found a old box labelled Navy Clothes. KEEP.. ha i thought i kept them so i started to go through them and it brought back some really cool memories. So let’s talk about our crazy uniforms in the blog what i have called Military Fashion / The uniforms we wear.

So the military uniform signifies solidarity within a group of people. Organizations and institutions normally encourage their members to wear garments having the same design in order to distinguish themselves from others. The military holds the same ideals. They fashion out into all sorts of uniform in order to show distinction and coordination. The military has come a long way since the old times when dresses and armours are the usual kind of clothing.

Presently, the military have adapted a brand of uniforms that are suitable for real-life action and combat under certain types of modern condition and environment. Brushing actual combat aside, military ceremonies and formal occasions showcase brightly-colored garments for band members and officers in attendance. During this time, members of elite and high-ranking units stand out by having distinctive features placed on their uniforms.

Even though the trend on military uniform production has tipped on the utilitarian side, most forces are still continuing to develop and create uniform designs of various types. These include ordinary duty uniforms, working garments, and dresses for ceremonial affairs. More and more members of the military have been used to wearing their uniforms even when off duty. Most are seen walking with their peers and enjoy the recognition they get as part of the military.

The military does not only set standards for uniform designs just for the sake of doing so. Each act and provision in the military has its purpose. There are four purposes on why the military has uniforms. First on the list is to differentiate and distinguish persons who are directly part of the hostilities. These combatants are mantled by the laws of war.

There are other persons who tend to carry firearms that do not have the same degree of protection. An old school purpose of these uniforms is for the so-called deserters to have a harder time modifying their military clothing in order to prevent being located and persecuted. The military in some sense dress to impress. Units having desirable and appealing uniforms have a higher rate of recruitment.

Young men are attracted to the fact that they are easily noticed when wearing uniforms that are well-designed. Moving on, traditional uniforms come in bright colours in order to have better recognition of troops on the battlefield but now on the emergence of more precise and long-range firearms and rifles these old school brightly coloured military outfits make the units and troops a very comfortable target.

Eventually the purpose of camouflaging was given more emphasis. There was a change in uniform colours that saw the birth of khaki coloured uniforms. More so, the uniforms were designed so that they will blend nicely with the environment, say for instance terrains and forestry. Climate and area conditions were also taken into consideration as white and tan colours came into being. Logistics also plays a large role on the development of military uniforms.

Mass production resulted into a faster and more precise manner of giving military troops their own brand of clothing which came into standardized patterns and sizes. War was not only on the physical setting. Intimidation and mind games are essential tools in order to weaken the enemies’ morale thus the appearance and clothing of the troops underwent tremendous innovation.

Clothing is an essential part of living. It keeps us protected from the ever shifting blows of nature. It also gives us a personality that paves the way for uniqueness. Why not go further and use military fashion on a casual yet tasty manner.

hahaha. So TM readers what are your thoughts. Do you still have a old uniform sitting in a box?

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