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Start Your Own High-Paying Career In Welding With This Welding Course

At last you can now start to learn welding – the art of joining and cutting metals with The Welding Course – right at the comfort of your home in your free time!
It is a complete course in itself that will show you comprehensive knowledge on the following:
  METALS AND ALLOYS–HEAT TREATMENT:–The Use and Characteristics of the Industrial Alloys and Metal Elements–Annealing, Hardening, Tempering and
Case Hardening of Steel
WELDING MATERIALS:–Production, Handling and Use of the Gases, Oxygen and Acetylene–Welding Rods–Fluxes–Supplies and
ACETYLENE GENERATORS:–Generator Requirements and Types–Construction–Care and Operation of Generators.
WELDING INSTRUMENTS:–Tank and Regulating Valves and Gauges–High, Low and Medium Pressure Torches–Cutting Torches–Acetylene-Air Torches
OXY-ACETYLENE WELDING PRACTICE:–Preparation of Work–Torch Practice–Control of the Flame–Welding Various Metals and Alloys–Tables of
Information Required in Welding Operations
ELECTRIC WELDING:–Resistance Method–Butt, Spot and Lap Welding–Troubles and Remedies–Electric Arc Welding
HAND FORGING AND WELDING:–Blacksmithing, Forging and Bending–Forge
Welding Methods
SOLDERING, BRAZING AND THERMAL WELDING:–Soldering Materials and Practice–Brazing–Thermal Welding
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