Refreshing the Military


Refreshing the Military

The military is a multi-sectored organization. It does not hold itself within the confinements of battle strategies and combat trainings. Another part of its objective is to extend its network all they way to other professionals. In fact, the military has what is called as the professional corps wherein doctors, nurses, lawyers, dentists, and priests are members. Yes your eyes did not play a trick on you. The word priest is mentioned.

Well, they are actually called chaplains. The military makes it a point that its members are well-oriented on the affairs of the church regardless of what religion they are in. Come with me and take a look at how the military is refreshed by His presence.

It all starts on the part of the military called military relations. This program makes sure that military personnel are able to receive the precious blessing of the Church. It is founded on four very significant concepts. The first one is that recruits of the military should have proper Church orientation. Second is that the members of the military should be supported by Church advocates in whatever place they are assigned to. Third would be that Church services can be extended to military personnel whenever they are not fit or unable to attend such activities and the last is that there is encouragement chaplaincy in the different brands of the military.

Let me introduce you to the concept of military chaplaincy. As for any member of the military professional corps, a chaplain is hailed as an officer commissioned within the military. Chaplaincy is widely known in the force specifically in that of France and the US. The endorsement from the religious sector is needed in order to pursue a career in military chaplaincy. You may ask then, what really is the task of military chaplains? They are very vital in keeping the troops together, spiritually that is.

They serve as advisers that enrich the souls and minds. Moreover, they are the ones responsible for ensuring that there is a smooth flow of religious concerns within the perimeter of the organization. Chaplains are present wherever the troops head to. You can find these guys sweating it out during drills or even in the dangers of the battlefield.

The most important aspect of the chaplain’s duty is keeping the faith of the men and women in the military intact. They are the morale boosters especially in times of crisis. Chaplains work with individual troops and their families. This they accomplish in a certain fashion that would not discriminate religious beliefs and practices that are not part of their own while maintaining the integrity of their own ways.

Military chaplains operate an Ethical Code as prescribed by the National Ministry under the Military Force. They are expected to hold marriages and memorial services for family members. They make it a point that religious beliefs and relations are organized regardless of what circle you is in. They perform duties and responsibilities connected in teaching and counselling.

You may even see these dedicated fellows visiting military personnel and their family during sickness, detention, or even in the crossfire during war. One bit of information about chaplaincy is that when you engage in such profession you are allowed to have a family. More so, their family is part of the healing service they extend to the force.

The military is not always about the wild frenzies and avid shootings. There is a refreshing part of the military that you should always look forward to.



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