Science in Military

Man has been gifted with a tremendous amount of curiosity. It is in this gift that he is enabled to discover all sorts of innovations for life to be better and more enjoyable. Among his finest ally in this unending quest to seek higher quality of living is science. You and I always hear it. That word science. Everywhere you go science is captured and utilized for whatever purpose is at hand. Almost all aspects of society require its services. One proof is how it turns the knob in every military action around the globe. Come and let’s take the journey in knowing how science contributes to the uplifting of military standards.

First you must be acquainted with the concept of military science. It is a process by which the military tap into the services of capable and competent scientists, engineers, technicians, designers, researchers, and military personnel in order to develop a very strong military capability. The military acts on this purpose via formulated national policies.

Studies and researches are then done in order to boost the military by providing innovative machineries, concepts and strategies, and over-all technology. Basically science in military is used in order to make complex concepts and situations shift into simplicity thereby producing effective and efficient means of production, education, and training. Let’s turn the pages of history and find out how science was developed the military manner. Military science was part of the academic curriculum. It played a role in tickling the mind with education and joined the ranks of subjects like Philosophy, Medicine, and Physics.

The medium used to deliver information was basically English. Its fame rose when the most of the populace that occupied Europe was not at all literate. The need for a scientific method in military came into being due to the demand that officers should be adept in calculating troop movements. It was during the Renaissance era that the linear method of warfare was commonly utilized. The military saw the significance of having accurate and strategic movements in order to utilize the organization’s strength in full force. And then there was gunpowder which demanded a more rigid plan in building fortresses.

Engineering changes had to be done to offer more stable forms of shelter and protection. The gauging of the fighting performance of the troops in the field was then handled in a more scientific approach. From individual to group psychology, it was an essential part of battle that each and everyone was assessed as to their capability to fight and withstand the pressures and trauma of war. More so, traditional battle philosophies were mixed with scientific researches that formed the very core of every commander’s principle in bringing his enemy right down the drain. The time of emphasis into military topography rise into fame.

Battle scenarios were easily drawn even on the most rigid plains and terrains which were largely due to the impact of scientific understanding of the specific area. Administration and legislation were smoothly prepared to aid the military in its bid to have more stability. Although many officers in the military still count on the traditional methods and strategies of war, it is a fact the science has brought the battles into higher levels.

The force it has impacted on the military is quite devastating. Technology is at its peak at this time wherein the energy of particles is utilized in order to produce weapons that are beyond man’s limits. You and I are now in the atomic and nuclear era.

Science and technology has played a huge role in boosting the military’s power. It has reached a long way since the dawning of clubs and spikes.


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