Security training Packages for discharging or Discharged Defence personel

Hi TM readers,
I have been requested to post a survey to everyone on behalf of a ex defence member who is looking at starting there own Security training company.
They have requested that i send out there small survey for completion so they can collaborate the results and move forward in developing the requested training packages.
So as he is ex defence and it will help both the discharging and discharged personnel i have said yes, so here is a little about the founder and what his plan of attack is.
Hi my name is Matthew and as a trainer and assessor for the past 8 years and having over 17 years of security experience as a security subject matter expert, it has brought my attention to how difficult it is for future security officers to get a foot in the door of the security industry, especially after just leaving the defence force.
The training packages are actually getting more and more complex and can only be delivered at a great expense by approved registered training organisation (RTO) The training packages are getting harder to complete and when you have completed the certificate there is no guidance or further training to help you get on your way.
My plan is to offer basic information packages to people that can support their goals towards achieving a qualification in security and give some insight to whether this is the right pathway for them before they commit to spending there hard earned cash on a certificate they will never need.
I wish to also design refresh and knowledge training packages so qualified security officers/guards are kept up to date with the security Industry and its training.So if you could complete my small survey that will only take 2-3 minutes, it will truly point me in the right direction in to what people want in a package for people in the security industry.


So team click on the Survey picture and it will take you to Matthews Survey. This will help Matthew and his team build more informative and more productive packages.


take the survey

Thanks team


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