Some Great Australian Airforce Slang words

Hi guys and thanks for all the Airforce slang words that have been sent to us. I am sure a hell of lot more slang words are out there so if you no some more email them to us and we can up date the list.

Bagger – Air Force term for a married member living off-base. Refers to ‘brown-bagging’ meals from home instead of eating in the Mess

Bang Seat – Ejection Seat

Bird Bath – Also refers to the airfield spray system used to wash salt residue from maritime patrol aircraft.

Boggy – Short for bograt, the slang term for a Pilot Officer (the most junior commissioned Air Force Officer rank).

BOHICA – Bend Over, Here It Comes Again. Often heard when one is about to be ‘shafted’ with an unpleasant task.

Drabs – Air Force Tropical Dress which replaces Service Dress (see Blues) in tropical areas

Flight Lewie – Nickname for Flight Lieutenant, Air Force Junior Officer rank.

Flogg Off – Spoken abbreviation for Flying Officer (FLGOFF), Air Force Junior Officer rank.

Ginger beers – Member of the Royal Australian Engineers Corps or RAAF flight engineers.

Go Fast – Unit or other baseball cap worn by RAAF members

Spook – RAAF Intelligence Officers.

Zoom bag – Flying suit.


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    Some Great Australian Airforce Slang words

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