Supermarine Spitfire V’s Messerschmitt Part 2

Supermarine Spitfire V’s Messerschmitt Part 2

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OK so on a earlier post I did a blog on the spitfire and now on to the mighty German Messerschmitt BF 109.

Most people might not know but the Messerschmitt Bf109 was often called the ME 109. Anyhow, so the Me109 was designed in the mid 1930’s. I think that the ME109 was one of the first truly modern fighters of its time. It was a all metal monocoque construction, it had a closed canopy a retractable landing gear and had a massive powered inverted Daimler-Benz DB 605A V12 aero engine what was liquid-cooled. This aircraft being designed in the mid 1930s saw operational service way before the second world war. It saw service in the Spanish civil war and continued to serve the German air force until the end of WWII. It was then replaced with the Focke-Wulf FW 190.

So the Me 109 was originally designed as a interceptor, but this clever aircraft could fulfill a multiple of tasks and over the years served as a bomber escort, fighter bomber, ground attack and reconnaissance aircraft. It was a Day/Night all weather aircraft. The amassing thing is the Me109 was the most produced fighter in aircraft history with over 33 thousand made from 1936 until 1945. I guess the Germans knew what was going to happen before it happened if you know what I mean.

So the aircraft its self, As designed as a fighter this aircraft could reach a max speed of 640Km/h or 345 knots what was amassing for its time and would cruise comfortably at 590Km/h or 318 knots.

She had a range of 850km or 528 miles and could climb to just over 39 thousand feet. Had a higher climb rate than the spit fire. The Me109 could climb at 17 meters per second or 3345ft/Min as the spit fire could only climb at 16.5 meters per second/3240ft/Min. It may seem not a lot but I am sure in a dog fight everything counts. She held her guns in her fuselage so they could keep the wings thin and light and what I still love to today is the 2 machine guns so cleverly synchronised that were mounted to in the cowling being able to fire over the top of the engine and THROUGH the propeller arc. Fantastic I think. However on the later model Me109 and with the intelligence received that the British had been developing 8 gun batteries for the Hawker Hurricane and Spitfire, Germany realised that the Me109 was not going to be up to scratch for these types of aircraft and decided the Me109 needed to be more heavily armed. The problem they had was to do this they needed to put the guns on the wings and the wings really were not designed for such heavy guns.  However Germany did find a spot on the wing and was placed between the spar and the leading edge. The design was a very weird way to supply ammunition to the gun but they had to also keep the weight down so not to have to redesign the whole wing,  a very weird setup but it worked. I would suggest jumping on Google and have a look at the drawings amassing how they did it. Over the years Germany continued to upgrade the aircraft’s guns, to continue to keep up with the British or was it the other way around who knows.


Overall this aircraft I think was well beyond its time and it made a very big impact to the world in the air. With its highly skilled pilots, its clever weapon design with the machine guns mounted over the engine and its light wings and great maneuverability his aircraft had it all.

My next blog will be my summary of the Spitfire Vs the Messerschmitt. So in the mean time if you know a little or a lot about the Messerschmitt please place a comment.



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  1. David says:

    Nice write up on both types of aircraft.
    it was said more German pilots died trying to land and takeoff in the ME109 because of the narrow track of the undercarriage.
    The brilliant elliptical wing of the spitfire gave it a lower wing loading and allowed it to turn tighter than the ME109, giving the Brits a big advantage.

  2. Jenko says:

    Thanks David for your comment

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