The Military BRAT

Hi TM Readers, i wanted to write a little something about our military kids or should i say the Miitary Brats as they are also called at times hahaha. You know there is a saying that the fruit does not fall far from the tree.

Usually children grow having the image of what their parents were like. In this manner, the lifestyle and behavior they have witnessed is commonly adapted during their adult life. This is how huge parents can affect the lives of their children. The profession of the parents is one of the common indicators on how much is spent with their child. In line with this matter, there is a concept developed with children whose parent or both parents work as regular employees in the military. These children have come to be tagged as military brats.

Although the term brat does not really give a positive notion, military brats are different. Let’s dig deeper and have a look. Basically, these children grow up while facing different life scenarios such as high risk of parental loss due to war, the presence of a military-oriented family, a strict rule of authority, dominance of patriarchal decision-making, absence of a parent in school activities, and frequent moving in various destinations. Being able to live under military culture can provide advantages to the growing individual. As an adult, military brats can show indications of their nomadic way of life.

Since they move a lot in a frequent manner, they are able to reach places and be accustomed with different cultures as compared to other growing children living in a regular environment. The depth of experience they have during childhood and puberty is unmatched. The problem that may then arise is that since transition from one place or people to another is so fast, these military brats tend to have a hard time building relationships with people and places that really lasts.

They have the propensity to isolate themselves away from the usual civilized way of life. At times the result can be devastating psychological developmental disorders. But it’s good to note that most cases end up having the capacity to adapt and assimilate themselves into the normal way of life in a community.

Growing up in a life and family that revolves around the military is no walk in the park nevertheless it really offers a lot more in the experience area as compared to living with a more geographically stable group. Military brats are described as independent extroverts. They are more outgoing as compared to their contemporaries and can readily deal with any change that may come their way.

They have an easier time relating with other people even though differences in religion, nationality, race, and ethnicity is present. This is due mainly to the frequency of travel from different destinations. When it comes to performance, military brats can brag about what they can produce.

They have higher IQ levels, achievement scores, and higher percentage of making it into college as opposed to their civilian counterparts. There are mixed research outcomes when it comes to abuse and alcoholism in families that revolve around the military. But the bottom line is family’s having members in the military acquire more benefits than that of civilian families with low incomes. Military families have health care programs as well as housing and family support benefits.

Even though they may be tagged with the word brat, these military brats have had a long ride. Eventually this long ride will end with good fortunate route to a life full of values and success.

So agree or disagree. If you once were a military brat leave us a comment and tell us what it was like for you.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was a Military Brat, and i hated it, dad was posted in japan for 2 years and it sucked.

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