The Military Machine

The Military Machine



Various organizations come alive because of the needs presented by the different sectors of society. These organizations last for quite a number of years due to the fact that a certain system is followed as the blueprint on how it carries out specific activities and functions. Groups of people combine to form a machinery wherein there are parts that co-exist and act together to keep the whole intact. The military is one of the more complex human machines known to history. Let’s take a look at how things work beyond the barracks.

The provision of a military command is the primary concern in its machinery. Policies are developed which acts as guidelines on how the military can act as an organized body. Policies of course are created based on the current needs of a certain country or state. A military command is founded on good organization. The structure is relevant in keeping a sturdy form. From the highest ranking commander down to the simple yet reliable platoon, each must work in order to boost the military’s aims and objectives. Officer corps is yet another important concept.

It is basically composed of military personnel who are tasked with specific functions and duties. Examples of these personnel include the marines, airmen, sailors, and of course the soldiers. These people are responsible not only in times of war. Education, technology and facility maintenance, and administrative duties are also the concern of theses individuals.

Adequacy in the number of military personnel is ensured by continuously performing recruitment tasks and activities. Intelligence is a vital cog in keeping the military stable. Both military personnel and civilian professionals work hand in hand in order to provide the best and effective form of military intelligence which is used in order to understand and predict movements and behaviours of certain threats.

In line with this matter, secrecy is of utmost priority. It is said that top ranking officials carry the secrets of the force right down to their grave. Capability development or often termed as military strength is another page of the military’s book.

It is very complex and dynamic due to the operational, strategic, and tactical demands involved. Logistics, military education, training, and practices are significant parts of a military’s strength. More so, the development of a well-founded doctrine is given emphasis. It stands as the military’s way of life and showcases how certain trained and equipped personnel engage in battle. Research and technology is very vital in the existence of a military that is why science also plays an important role. Various capable scientists are commonly found working in the midst of the military. Doctors and psychologist are employed to give the personnel a helping hand on conflicts that may arise involving their tour of duty especially after wars.

Next in line is ensuring that military capability is well-distributed whenever and wherever needed. Transportation facilities are employed in order for this to happen. Military logistics requires strength and competency since it is tasked to make sure that equipment and force necessities are maintained. Next to logistics is the operation itself. This involves in hands on engagement with the enemy.

Campaigns are strategically mapped out in order to ensure that victory is at hand. It is a very delicate process as lives are at stake and territorial security is on the table. Lastly, two more concepts that are also of equal importance are finance and performance assessment. Finance is needed in order for the military to maintain its competency and up-to-date technology. Assessment on the other hand ensures that the organization’s morale is intact and that the right men are employed to carry out the military’s objectives.

The military is a very delicate machine. Its operative performance depends entirely on the hands of the people working in it.



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