Work Your Way into Military Muscles – One for the Civilians

Work Your Way into Military Muscles – One for the Civilians

Picture from & Suran Nualpradid

Picture from & Suran Nualpradid


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The military owes its strength from the men and women who are continuously working to make themselves better with each passing day. Being part of the military is no joke because you have to make sure that you maintain a high level of fitness physically and psychologically. But do you ever wonder how soldiers sailors and airmen keep their bodies in tip-top condition? Ponder no more because here are some ideas straight from the bases in order for you to work your way towards those bulging military muscles.

Lives are often at stake when the military moves especially in combat. This is why physical fitness is of utmost importance. It is helpful in making any military personnel ready for the demands of duty. Defence personnel undergo what is called Physical Training or a PT tests. The Schools commander is in charge of making sure that the each personnel from every military brand is able and ready to take on the rigorous challenges of the test.

Fitness is not only tested in strength and speed. Responsiveness is also a factor to be considered. Members of the military should be able to act accordingly regardless of the location or time involved. Speaking of time, personnel are advised to kick off their physical fitness regimen six months or more before engaging into the training proper. The battlefield is no place for people who are entirely out of shape. It demands a lot from the body wherein at times you have to carry different sorts of equipment and supplies for long distances. You may even have to move an injured partner during an encounter. The military follows a well-founded routine in order to keep its member firmly stable.

The physical fitness program involves different aspects such as muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and of course the ever tiring but rewarding cardiovascular workouts. There are different principles that correlates with those mentioned above namely regularity, progression, balance, overload, adequate recovery, variety, and specificity.

It is best that when undergoing different workouts and exercises you must formulate a schedule that will coincide with your other activities. The time and place for your routine depends entirely on your preferences. It is recommended that workouts are on a five-day per week schedule.

Cardio exercises can be combined with muscle strengthening and endurance workouts. The important thing is to set the days on which to do the routines in order to ensure that equilibrium and balance in the workouts are achieved. Don’t forget to go through warming up and cooling down. These practices decrease the chances of having injuries. The flexibility aspect of the regimen is also an integral effect of warming up and cooling down.

Apart from the rigid military exercises, FITT is also an important cog in its physical fitness program. It includes frequency, intensity, type, and time. Frequency entails that the workout should be done five days in a week. Intensity indicates how hard your body is working. You can use you heart rate to measure intensity. 60-90 percent maximum heart rate is the suggested optimum level. Time demand for cardio exercises is 20-30 minutes while strength and conditioning is measured by the number of repetitions. Muscular endurance requires more repetitions while strength calls for fewer reps.

Being fit and trim is not developed on an overnight basis. It comes with discipline, dedication, and hard work. So if you feel you’re pretty banged up and out of shape, start your day right and work your way into military muscles.


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